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Alvedia's QuickTest for DEA 1 in canines and A+B in felines.

Alvedia's LabTest for DEA 1 in canines and A+B in felines.

Alvedia's canine crossmatch kit.

Alvedia's full product line.




Rapid Vet-H

Employing advanced, immuno-chromatographic (lateral flow) technology, the RapidVet®-H IC blood typing test offers a cleaner, easier method of in-office blood typing. The sleek hand-held device contains three membranes, each of which captures red blood cells only under a specific set of conditions, and utilizes a diluted whole blood sample and a special diluent to transport the sample along each membrane. The cell capture technique enables clear, rapid blood type determination, even in patients with low PCV or auto-agglutination.

RapidVet®-H IC for determination of Feline A, B and AB blood is available for order now, with the kit for determination of Canine DEA 1.1 positive or negative blood expected to follow shortly.

The RapidVet®-H IC device was previewed at this years’ North American Veterinary Conference where it was received with great interest by veterinarians and technicians alike.

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Feline Blood Test Typing

RapidVet™ H IC Feline Blood Typing Kit - 5 tests $125.00 each (plus shipping)

RapidVet™ H IC Feline Blood Typing Kit - 10 tests $250.00 each (plus shipping)


International WIN, Ltd. Flex-Coil® System

Utilizing the International WIN, Ltd. Flex-Coil Swivel Set, your canine patient can freely move while recieving a transfusion or fluid therapy. Click the image above for more details.



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